Standard Features
Rolled leather top facing
6 1/2 -7 oz. full-grain leather
Full leather counter pocket with crush-and-water-resistant
Stytherm material in between
Specialized shoemaking clinching nails
Full leather heel base
Non-corrosive, double-ribbed, slightly arched steel shank
for comfort and maximum support
8-8 1/2 iron full leather sweat-resistant insole (Approx. 3/16")
9-9 1/2 iron full leather midsole (Approx. 3/16")
Combined soling material 1 3/8" thick
All leather slip-in inserts
13 oz. (over 1/4") full leather vamp and leather lining
provide double layer of protection
Hard toe (Steel or composite safety toes are options.)
Fully stitched through the outsole