Standard Features
Rolled leather top facing
6 1/2 -7 oz. full-grain leather
Solid brass studs mounted in grommets to prevent pulling out of leather
Full leather gusset to top of boot folded in three layers
to provide complete shin protection
Full leather counter pocket with crush-and-water-resistant
Stytherm material in between
Specialized shoemaking clinching nails
Full leather heel base
Non-corrosive, double-ribbed, slightly arched steel shank
for comfort and maximum support
*Countersunk breastplate to keep heels from “kicking out”
and provide additional wear from climbing gaffs
*10 1/2 iron full leather half-slip (Approx. 7/32")
8-8 1/2 iron full leather sweat-resistant insole (Approx. 3/16")
9-9 1/2 iron full leather midsole (Approx. 3/16")
Combined soling material 13/8" thick
All leather slip-in inserts
13 oz. (over 1/4") full leather vamp and leather lining
provide double layer of protection
Hard toe (Steel or composite safety toes are options.)
**Fully stitched through the outsole
* Standard Highliner® features
** Our electrical hazard boots, VoltFoe® and GroundOut®, are made with welt construction to meet new electrical industry standards